Eclectic Musician and Teacher


Seabury and Evan play the music of Ireland & other Celtic lands with spirit, imagination, & an unwavering respect for the rich traditions from which it springs. With Sam McNeill.

Tree Gap/Ash Plant/Farewell to Erin
Maid of the Spinning Wheel/Scatter the Mud/Gallagher’s Frolics (Jigs)Red Is the Rose
Dinky’s/Silver Spire/Green Fields of Glentown


Recorded at Myrtletown Records, Eureka, CA. 

Produced by Evan Morden & Seabury Gould.

Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Tim Gray. 

Cover Design by Rick Siegfried, ImageMaker, Eureka, CA. 

Front Cover Photo by Tim Gray

Back Cover Photo (Ireland) by Seabury Gould. 

Thanks to Alan Morden & Sam McNeill.

Evan Morden: Fiddle

Seabury Gould: Bouzouki, Guitar, Vocals, Bamboo Flute & Whistle 

Sam McNeill: Cittern & Violin on “Josefin’s Waltz”; Guitar & Mandolin on “Catherine Kelley’s”.

All music traditional, arranged by Seabury Gould & Evan Morden. CD copyright ©2012 Seabury Gould & Evan Morden.