Eclectic Musician and Teacher

Scatter The Mud

Known for their performances of exhilirating tunes and rousing and poignant songs, Scatter the Mud enthusiastically plays Celtic music with spirit, imagination, conviviality and an unwavering respect for the rich traditions from which it springs.

Scattered Mud
The Wind And Rain
Scatter The Mud
The Flowers Of Magherally
Julia Delaney's
Fortune's Wheel


Recorded at Myrtletown Records, Eureka, CA. 

Produced by Seabury Gould.

Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Tim Gray. 

Design & Layout: Rick Siegfried, ImageMaker, Eureka, CA. 

Photography: Tim Gray.

Seabury Gould: Vocals, Guitar, Bamboo Flute, Irish Bouzouki, Whistle, Vina, Naal Drum, Piano

Judy Hageman: Fiddle, Viola, Vocals

Alan Morden: Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Bodhran

Michael Pearce: Uilleann pipes

All music traditional and arranged by Seabury Gould, Judy Hageman and Alan Morden.