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Tadpoles are Growing

“Tadpoles are Growing” is Seabury Gould’s second cassette album of traditional folk songs for children, on which he sings and plays many instruments. Other musicians also provide accompaniment and professional children sing with him on three of the songs.

These songs have been delighting children for generations, and Seabury’s sophisticated musical arrangements are appealing to adults as well. The material which is mostly American, ranges in variety from Afro-American singing game songs such as “Down in The Valley, Two By Two” and “My Landlord,” to “Hush Little Baby,” “Frog Went A-Courting,” “Old Joe Clarke” and the Sea Chantey “Cape Cod Girls.” A song lyrics booklet is included.

Peace Is Flowing Like A RiverMy LandlordOld Joe ClarkeDown In The Valley

“…I knew I was hearing music like I had never heard… your wonderful voice; your arrangements; such centered songs: these tapes are real gifts.”
—Mary L. Ray (children’s author)

“The tapes carry the voice of genius and love and a great gift—funny, exciting, brilliant, deep… your voice truly velvet soul stuff. Thanks so much.”
—Joan Blackmer (Jungian analyst)

“This has something for everyone, even us older frogs… It is polished, playful, humorous, inspirational and loving. Seabury’s best so far.”
—Dr. Bruce Gladstone

“Seabury Gould nourishes the young child’s musical world. Gould is gold.”
—Betti Ridenour (Director of Illusions Theatre)

“A delightful introduction to traditional folk music, Tadpoles Are Growing provides exciting quality folk music that children enjoy dancing to at home or singing with in the car. Adults and children will be enchanted by the variety of dynamic musical arrangements.”
—Molly James (mother “who is a music lover”)


Recorded at Goldmine Studio, Ventura, CA . 

Produced by Seabury Gould. 

Engineered by Jeff Cowan. 

Design: Martin Mellein. 

Photography: Timothy Teague. 

Cover Drawing: Gita Gould. 

Inside Illustration: Katherine Peterson.

Seabury Gould: Vocals, Guitar, Bamboo Flute, Piano, Synthesizer, Vina, Vibes, Naal (Drum), Harmonica, Recorder, Finger snap.

Guest Musicians:

David Welliver: Fiddle

Eddie Guthman: Electric and Acoustic Bass, Mandolin 

Ayana Colors: Accordion, Voice 

Sartuse: Congas, Bongos 

Martin Young: Electric Guitar 

Christy Weir: Children’s Choir Director.

All songs are traditional American Folk Songs, with the exception of “Eleanor Plunkett” and “Fair Rosa” which are Irish, and “Wake Up Canon” which is by Max V. Exner.