Eclectic Musician and Teacher

Time & Places

For many years, children have especially enjoyed and been spellbound by Seabury’s lively telling of humorous stories and tales of enchantment. On this CD he tells two Grimm’s Fairy Tales, two Native American stories, and tales from Ireland and India, accompanying himself on flutes, percussion, guitar and other instruments.

Times & Places
Art, Neart & Ceart
The Golden Goose
Legend of the Flute

“This CD is truly wonderful! The stories are charming; the music is beautiful and greatly enhances the storytelling…”Times and Places” brings back the wisdom and beauty of the lost art of oral narrative to children never exposed to this ancient tradition…”
—Joanne Crandall (Jazz musician, author of Self-Transformation Through Music, and grandmother of sixteen)

“My five year old daughter Roxann requests that we listen to Seabury every morning. It’s been five months now and she hasn’t tired of it yet. The way Seabury has woven music and so convincingly told these great stories has completely captivated her…”
—Eddie Gunthman (Musician, music teacher, father)


Recorded at Dolphin Recording, Ventura, CA. 

Produced by Seabury Gould. 

Engineered by Rick Griffin. 

Design & Layout: Adrian Sweet. 

Photography: Timothy Teague. 

Cover Drawing: Cele Donath.

Seabury Gould: Vocals, Guitar, Bamboo Flute, Synthesizer, Vina, Percussion, Ocarina
Guest Musician: Fred Siciliano: Esraj, Tambura, Sarod

All stories are traditional and adapted by Seabury Gould